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Drive home

I was in a very weird state of mind monday night when i was driving home. I'd played Civ3 at lunch, and so my mind was kind of occupied by that, part of my brain was occupied with trying to figure out the reasons behind some of the decisions the designers had made, and how to fix the problems those decisions have made. While i was doing this of course i was keeping half a mind on driving, which is probably not as much as i should, but is more than i do on some occasions when i'm really zoning out.

So part of my is thinking about Civ3, and part of me is watching the road. Suddenly i realize that i'm singing along with a song on the radio, but i'm singing total nonsense words. I know some of the words to the song, but for some reason i wasn't even singing the words i knew, or at least i wasn't at the point that i noticed what i was doing.

It was very weird

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