DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Normally the Olympics events i'm interested in are Luge, Bobsledding, Figure Skating, maybe a little Speed Skating, and Gymnastics.

Er, so i guess that would be Gymnastics this time? =P

Of course what i actually end up watching will depend entirely on what's on tv when i get home in the evenings =P

I could make a post about what i thought about the opening ceremonies, or i could just copy/paste the relevant bits from my IM conversation with shelleycat :)


[19:31] donaithnen: ummmm
[19:31] donaithnen: when introducing the Olympics which are taking place in _China_, perhaps you might not want to use the phrase "this is not a small step for them, it's a great leap" =P
[19:32] shelleycat: ohhhh dear
[19:32] shelleycat: that would have totally pissed off my mom heh
[19:33] donaithnen: heh
[19:45] donaithnen: Sept 22nd is Heroes! :)
[19:45] shelleycat: yeah
[19:45] shelleycat: wonder if there are any good trailers out
[19:46] donaithnen: well i just saw a commercial for it
[19:47] shelleycat: me too
[19:47] shelleycat: I've got 4 on
[19:47] shelleycat: I like seeing the opening ceremonies
[19:47] donaithnen: heh
[19:47] shelleycat: don't know if I'll watch anythign else
[19:48] shelleycat: maybe some ice skating
[19:48] shelleycat: if they're doing those now
[19:48] donaithnen: so did you see/hear the "great leap" bit? or did you come in after that?
[19:48] donaithnen: no, that's in two years =P
[19:48] shelleycat: after
[19:48] shelleycat: hmmm.. then maybe some track
[19:49] donaithnen: hmm, in 2010 it will be in Vancouver
[19:49] shelleycat: that's semi-close
[19:49] donaithnen: but yeah, my family and i have always been more interested in the winter olympics than the summer ones
[19:49] shelleycat: us too
[19:50] shelleycat: ohhh gymnastics I guess is just summer now
[19:50] shelleycat: I like gymnastics
[19:50] donaithnen: yeah, that was one of the few summer ones we liked
[19:50] shelleycat: except I haven't heard of any great ones like the old days
[19:50] donaithnen: especially since my sister did gymnasitcs
[19:50] shelleycat: did she? kewl!
[19:50] shelleycat: no wonder her pregnancy is easy
[19:50] shelleycat: she's got both genetics and gym on her side
[19:51] donaithnen: i do find it a little odd that we were rather blah about the summer olympics, but would then turn around and be interested in things like the luge and tobbagoning thing
[19:51] shelleycat: well it's fascinating
[19:51] shelleycat: all that speed and ice and snow
[19:51] donaithnen: yeah, for, er, i forget how long, but for a lot of years in elementary school and jr. high i think
[19:52] shelleycat: the two-man sleds are kewl
[19:53] shelleycat: wish I could do that just once
[19:53] donaithnen: heh
[19:53] shelleycat: oh I meant to look that show up
[19:53] donaithnen: what show?
[19:53] shelleycat: the one with christian slater
[19:54] donaithnen: uh, okay
[19:54] donaithnen: i have no idea what you'er talking about :)
[19:54] shelleycat: oh geez he has two personalities
[19:54] shelleycat: no wonder
[19:55] shelleycat: they just advertised it
[19:55] donaithnen: oh, that My Own Worst Enemy thing they were doing the commerical on?
[19:55] shelleycat: second time I've seen the ad
[19:55] donaithnen: yeah,. i figured it was something like that
[19:56] shelleycat: a suburban efficiency expert has lethal, multi-lingual operative personality and sometimes the wrong personality is in charge for the situation
[19:56] shelleycat: ooo bad sentence
[19:56] donaithnen: "multi-lingual opeative"?
[19:56] shelleycat: operative
[19:56] donaithnen: er, yes
[19:56] donaithnen: but what does that mean? =P
[20:00] donaithnen: who was the guy who was blocking the Bush's seats? :)
[20:01] donaithnen: epilepsy! epilepsy!
[20:02] donaithnen: are girls not allowed to be drummers? or have i just not noticed them yet? =P
[20:04] donaithnen: why is french an official language of the olympics?
[20:04] donaithnen: ...i'm sorry, but the detail wasn't that minute :)
[20:06] donaithnen: nope, girls definitely aren't allowed to be drummers =P
[20:08] shelleycat: sorry, had to write down a thought :)
[20:08] donaithnen: that's okay :)
[20:08] donaithnen: they really needed to do split-screen for that
[20:08] donaithnen: the close-ups were cool, but i really wanted to see more of how it looked from on high too
[20:12] donaithnen: oh, that's cool
[20:13] donaithnen: i'm at least vaguely familiar with buddhism, and i had no idea what those were :)
[20:16] donaithnen: hee! one of them has a kilt! :)
[20:17] donaithnen: *sigh* it might be kind of nice if they'd not show video of our president not paying attention to the ceremony =P
[20:17] donaithnen: especially during the cute little kids part =P
[20:19] donaithnen: i'm curious if anone is going to talk about what the see-through olumpic rings were made out of later
[20:21] donaithnen: oohhh! cool!
[20:22] donaithnen: that sheet doesn't look very blank to me...
[20:22] donaithnen: ohh, that's cool
[20:23] donaithnen: are their clothes covered in ink? or is there some kind of sensor under the sheet that they're triggering?
[20:24] donaithnen: ....whoa!
[20:24] donaithnen: that would be sensors then i guess :)
[20:26] donaithnen: wow
[20:26] donaithnen: it's kind of like real life Okami :)
[20:27] shelleycat: oh one of the good commercials
[20:27] donaithnen: which?
[20:27] shelleycat: clydesdale trained by dalmation
[20:27] donaithnen: ahhh
[20:28] shelleycat: I liked the scroll effect
[20:28] donaithnen: yeah
[20:28] donaithnen: i presume the non-LED parts were just being projected from the ceiling
[20:30] donaithnen: ...girls aren't alowed to be confucian scholars either? =P
[20:31] donaithnen: wow
[20:32] shelleycat: marjong
[20:33] shelleycat: mahjong
[20:33] donaithnen: heh
[20:33] shelleycat: damn how do you spell it hahaha
[20:33] donaithnen: darn, you can _almost_ see what's underneath
[20:34] shelleycat: where are the zombies!
[20:34] shelleycat: this is too kid-friendly
[20:34] shelleycat: we need zombies
[20:34] donaithnen: zombies?
[20:34] donaithnen: heh
[20:35] donaithnen: ahhh, that's what i was trying to figure out before :)
[20:35] donaithnen: i couldn't get a snack now even if i wanted, i've been trapped by a cat :)
[20:36] shelleycat: ah, the feline diet
[20:38] donaithnen: ...i guess it looks a _little_ like a bird's nest, but it's still kind of a weird name
[20:38] donaithnen: wait, when was this that China was open?
[20:39] donaithnen: so girls can be dancers
[20:40] donaithnen: yes, they were great sailors, before the next emperor decided to burn all their ships and make china insular again =P
[20:43] donaithnen: doesn't look like girls can row virtual boats either
[20:43] shelleycat: hooooee
[20:43] donaithnen: i'd like to see a percentage breakdown of the gender on those 15,000 performers
[20:43] donaithnen: hooooee?
[20:44] shelleycat: impressive
[20:44] donaithnen: yeah :)
[20:45] donaithnen: ooohh, that ice skater was cute :)
[20:46] donaithnen: and girls can wear dresses!
[20:56] shelleycat: aren't they going to have all the atheletes parade?
[20:57] donaithnen: hee, that was a cute commerical :)
[20:57] donaithnen: and yeah, i presume they will in a bit
[20:59] donaithnen: *snerk* "if you buy lots of stuff they'll hear you in china" yeah, especially if you're buying stuff from places like WalMart :)
[20:59] donaithnen: oh cool, girls _can_ be martial artists it seems :)
[20:59] shelleycat: oh yes they can
[20:59] shelleycat: altho they tend to do
[20:59] shelleycat: oh dear I forget the name
[21:00] shelleycat: anyway it's a dance based on martial art,
[21:00] donaithnen: i wonder if they would have done that if it had been some other martial arts besides tai-chi(sp)
[21:00] shelleycat: rather than a true martial art for war reasons
[21:00] shelleycat: it's like their ballet
[21:00] shelleycat: altho they've adopted western ballet
[21:01] shelleycat: and the concubines and wives were expected to fight like ninjas for the emperor
[21:01] shelleycat: they had deadly hair ornaments and fans and everything
[21:01] donaithnen: heh
[21:01] donaithnen: hee, kids again :)
[21:01] donaithnen: girls can be children :)
[21:02] donaithnen: hmmm, _one_ girl can be a martial artist, all the rest of them are guys =P
[21:04] donaithnen: wow
[21:05] donaithnen: the running past each other thing was impressive
[21:05] shelleycat: oh yeah
[21:05] shelleycat: and the circles are so clear
[21:05] donaithnen: yeah
[21:06] shelleycat: I wonder if they worked it out on computer first
[21:07] donaithnen: hee
[21:07] shelleycat: well this certainly beats the last one I watched
[21:07] donaithnen: the last one i remember watching was in... Norway? Sweden?
[21:07] shelleycat: or wait... that wasn't olympics... was it? the parade of white statue people? maybe that was superbowl
[21:08] donaithnen: uh, that doesn't sound particularly likely...
[21:09] shelleycat: yeah, it wasn't round, olympics.
[21:09] donaithnen: Lillehammer, Norway
[21:10] donaithnen: oohhh, pretty
[21:10] donaithnen: okay, i was wrong, the _whole_ thing is LED, wow
[21:12] donaithnen: ...she looks... odd
[21:13] donaithnen: she looked like she was completly spacing out at the begining
[21:13] donaithnen: oh hey! girls can be american singers! :)
[21:14] shelleycat: interesting voice
[21:15] donaithnen: gah! split screen! split screen!
[21:15] donaithnen: i wonder what's up with the giant heads
[21:16] shelleycat: people who died in the earthquake?
[21:16] donaithnen: that would be rather maudlin =P
[21:16] shelleycat: better that than photo-real representation of all the world's people as one
[21:17] donaithnen: hee
[21:17] donaithnen: well it looked like that was kind of what they were doing on the screens up top at the end
[21:18] donaithnen: hmmm, i am temporarily catless *considers snack*
[21:23] shelleycat: ahhh
[21:24] donaithnen: er, which nation was that?
[21:25] shelleycat: don't know
[21:26] donaithnen: "Mali???"
[21:26] donaithnen: it sounded like the announcer was surprised somehow :)
[21:27] donaithnen: and girls can be cheerleaders of course =P
[21:28] shelleycat: of course
[21:28] shelleycat: must reward the warriors
[21:29] donaithnen: reward the warriors?
[21:32] donaithnen: why for each country do they also show a sport?
[21:34] shelleycat: from an anthropologist's POV
[21:34] shelleycat: sports heroes represent a country's warriors
[21:34] shelleycat: cheerleaders are one of their perks
[21:35] donaithnen: so shouldn't there be male cheerleaders here to reward the female atheletes? ;)
[21:35] shelleycat: yep there should be :)
[21:36] shelleycat: if only women's basketball would get smart and hire some cute guys...
[21:36] donaithnen: hee
[21:45] donaithnen: ...that sounds like bagpipes
[21:47] donaithnen: i feel sorry for the cheerleaders =P
[22:05] shelleycat: oh get to the US already!
[22:05] donaithnen: you know, the downside of being part of the culture that stormed the world is that the costumes representing your cultural inheritence always come out seeming pretty darn boring compared to everyone else
[22:05] donaithnen: it would be funny if they sport they put up for Lichenstein was "Jousting" :)
[22:06] donaithnen: oh, i see, they show the name and event of the flag bearer for each country
[22:07] donaithnen: heh, and they cut to Bush =P
[22:08] shelleycat: uh, yeah
[22:08] shelleycat: guatemala???
[22:08] shelleycat: this is not alphabetical?
[22:08] donaithnen: .... the vocal distinction between "Uranium enrichement program" and "Iranian enrichment program" isn't huge =P
[22:08] shelleycat: did I miss the US?
[22:09] donaithnen: it is, but it's sorted by the chinese characters rather than the english ones :)
[22:10] donaithnen: they said US would be about.. 2/3rds of thw way through i think
[22:13] shelleycat: argh
[22:13] donaithnen: ?
[22:14] donaithnen: more bagpipes! :)
[22:14] donaithnen: for.. Jordan? *confused*
[22:14] donaithnen: are they just cycling through random music?
[22:15] shelleycat: hmmm
[22:15] shelleycat: the bagpipes are playing what song?
[22:15] donaithnen: i dunno?
[22:15] shelleycat: isn't it an Irish song?
[22:17] donaithnen: yeah
[22:17] shelleycat: is it their official song?
[22:18] donaithnen: i don't know, but it's certainly a popular song for bagpipes
[22:18] donaithnen: ...that was sad commercial
[22:20] shelleycat: wasn't watching
[22:20] donaithnen: a bunch of olympic athletes ( i presume) trying to act enthusiastic (and failing at both the acting bit and the enthusiasm bit) about a mcdonalds sandwich =P
[22:20] shelleycat: brother interrupted
[22:26] donaithnen: and now the announcers are feeling sorry for the cheerleaders :)
[22:27] shelleycat: heh
[22:34] donaithnen: shoot, i missed how many athletes Russia has there
[22:39] donaithnen: and as i was saying earlier, our outfits are totally boring =P
[22:39] shelleycat: sooo plain!
[22:39] shelleycat: the ones on project runway were kewl, fashion-forward
[22:39] shelleycat: he chickened out
[22:39] shelleycat: chicken shit
[22:40] donaithnen: wow, that was a very short person
[22:40] shelleycat: oh damn it's not online yet
[22:40] shelleycat: it was episode 4
[22:40] donaithnen: what?
[22:41] shelleycat: when they did the olympic uniform as their challenge
[22:41] shelleycat: I was going to show you the winner
[22:41] donaithnen: ahhh
[22:41] shelleycat: soooo much better than that crap
[22:42] shelleycat: well I guess that's what the committee wanted if they went to lauren
[22:42] shelleycat: that's all he does
[22:44] donaithnen: boring crap?
[22:45] shelleycat: yeah, impeccable suits
[22:45] shelleycat: he makes you look very 'our kind of people'
[22:46] shelleycat: its his aesthetic
[22:46] donaithnen: i wish they would leave the country info up a little longer =P
[22:46] shelleycat: you need digital tv ;)
[22:46] donaithnen: =P
[22:47] shelleycat: you can get a bit of replay even without a DVR
[22:48] donaithnen: wow, the netherlands has a lot of athletes for their size
[22:48] shelleycat: oh well they have nothing better to do there
[22:48] shelleycat: they have to ski most places, small village life
[22:49] shelleycat: you know, the evening entertainment is tipping elk
[22:49] donaithnen: heh
[22:49] shelleycat: ;)
[22:49] shelleycat: I actually met a girl who'd done that as a kid, tipping cows
[22:50] donaithnen:
[22:50] shelleycat: she was from indiana
[22:50] shelleycat: she said everyone did it at least once
[22:50] shelleycat: or at least watched once
[22:50] donaithnen: how stereotypical :)
[22:51] shelleycat: I know!
[22:51] donaithnen: hmmm, i guess grenada has an even better ratio, with 9 atheletes for 90,000 people
[22:52] donaithnen: oh finally! Ireland!
[22:52] donaithnen: shoot, but i missed the number of athletes =P
[22:54] shelleycat: I'll see
[22:54] shelleycat: what color is their uniform?
[22:55] shelleycat: 56
[22:56] donaithnen: er, i don't remember
[22:56] donaithnen: ahh, cool, thank you :)
[23:06] donaithnen: the swedish people look like they're wearing faux chinese outfits
[23:07] donaithnen: wow, new zealand has a lot of athletes
[23:08] shelleycat: heh
[23:11] donaithnen: so the chinese are last i guess?
[23:11] shelleycat: I thought they went first?
[23:11] donaithnen: oh, i must have missed it then
[23:11] donaithnen: i thought greece went first
[23:13] donaithnen: oh, yup! they said seven or eight more countries until china
[23:13] shelleycat: huh... then who was wearing the red and white...
[23:15] donaithnen: shoot, i missed how many delegates germany has =P
[23:15] donaithnen: clearly it _is_ a lot though
[23:21] donaithnen: *grrr* i look down for a half second and i miss the number of australian athletes too =P
[23:21] donaithnen: and my attempts to find a list of everyone's totals online have failed so far =P
[23:23] shelleycat: the paper usually lists that
[23:23] shelleycat: at least the LA Times does I think?
[23:23] shelleycat: did
[23:23] donaithnen: they're colorful
[23:24] shelleycat: heh, there ya go, earthquake survivor
[23:24] donaithnen: yup
[23:24] donaithnen: that's rather different from earthquake victems though :)
[23:24] shelleycat: oh yes much better
[23:24] shelleycat: a good earthquake story
[23:25] donaithnen: as long as one ignores the other 20 kids =/
[23:25] shelleycat: half empty, half full
[23:25] donaithnen: *nods*
[23:25] shelleycat: or
[23:25] shelleycat: dead is dead, celebrate life
[23:31] donaithnen: 70,000? wow, so that earthquake killed more people than the total population of some of the countries attending
[23:33] shelleycat: yep
[23:33] shelleycat: the smell must have been incredible
[23:33] donaithnen: didn't you say the same thing about the great wall? :)
[23:33] shelleycat: yep :)
[23:34] shelleycat: I'm trying to be scent oriented :)
[23:34] shelleycat: I have lots of references to sound and hearing, but not a lot to scent
[23:34] shelleycat: well I do but I'll need more :)
[23:50] donaithnen: awww, it's a little baby bit of great wall :)
[23:56] donaithnen: oh you bastards! don't cut out in the middle of the fireworks!
[23:56] shelleycat: heh
[00:00] donaithnen: o yey, i found a list of countries and athletes
[00:00] donaithnen: it was actually in the first place i looked, but the list was hidden so i didn't notice it :)

And then it was time to go to bed :)

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