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August Cons

Ooops, it's august. I should really decide if i'm going to DragonCon, PAX, or none of the above. Of course i should have _really_ figured this ought and bought tickets and such already last week, or perhaps last month =P

Hey, akiko and kirinn, i remember you saying that the room you guys are sharing with people is already full, but i vaguely remember the possibility of a second room that wasn't full yet? Was that/is that still the case?

Con Pros vs Con Pros :)

PAX is somewhat closer, though i don't know if that would be affected in ticket prices or anything. More importantly 2gouda4u really wants me to come and visit since (she says) she keep getting weirder the closer she gets to term, or something like that(?)

Also, given all the people i know in the area i could certainly find someplace to crash if i didn't want to get a hotel room.

As far as guests go, according to their (not very clearly organized website) PAX has Jonathan Coulton and Freezepop (awesome!!!) and the Minibosses and OneUps (potentially interesting.) And, uh, that's it as far as people i have any particular reason to think i'd be interested in. PAX doesn't seem to be that big on guests, or they're not that great on organization, or both.

On the other hand, DragonCon:

I wouldn't get to see as many people, but i would get to see people that i don't normally get to see as often, plus i've already been there so i know what to expect. I would have to worry about a hotel room though, for at least one or two nights.

As for guests: the list of people i'm at least potentially interested in is:

Authors: Peter S. Beagle (but i've already seen him at two other cons) Laurell K. Hamilton, Katherine Kurtz (though it's been awhile since i've read any of her stuff,) and Tamora Pierce .

Actors: Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin (will he actually show up this year? =) Walter Koenig, Katee Sackhoff, Jewel Staite and George Takei. (And possibly others, there are a _lot_ of actors who will be there, and i'm bad at remembering names =P)

Artists: Pete Abrams, Jennie Breeden and Kittyhawk

Music: Emerald Rose, Mindless Self Indulgence(!) and Voltaire. What, no Brodingnagian Bards or Tom Smith this year? =/

Edit: John Scalzi!!! How could they not put him on the front page??? He hasn't won yet, but he's gotten four Hugo nominations already i think =P Also, Jerry Doyle! And Robert Llewellyn! And Paul and Storm!!!! (I never realized before that they used to be part of Da Vinci’s Notebook.)

So it's Jonathan Coulton at one con or Paul and Storm at the other :)
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