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Awesomeness and synchronicty

TJs has something new and awesome, green tea mints. They're cute little leaf shaped mints in a cute green tin with a window in the top.

They claim they're mints anyways, and if i really try i can at least imagine that there might be a minty hint to them, maybe. But really they're candy flavored crack (that's green tea flavored =)

I am curious though why among the many other ingredients they include "red cabbage extract (for color)"

On the synchronicity (as well as awesomeness) side, well, there's some prelude. One of the things i got for my birthday from my parents was Lois McMaster Bujold's "Dreamweaver's Dilemma" collection, which includes several short stories and several essays by or about her.

I was in the middle of another book at the time but when i got the book, on my birthday, i decided i ought to at least check out the introduction. The introduction was by a childhood friend of hers and described how the two of them grew up immersed in SF culture. Towards the end of the introduction she mentioned as an aside that her first child was born on friday the 13th, which was kind of surprising and made me laugh. She then went on to mention a few sentences later that one of Lois McMaster Bujold's kids was _also_ born on a friday the 13th!

So i figured that was all the synchronicity i could expect out of a single book, and it certainly was the most significant and bizarre. However after getting through another couple of books that were in the queue ahead of it, i finally got around to reading the whole thing. I finished it up last weekend and in one of the essays at the end, presumably while talking about either biology or feminism, Lois McMaster Bujold mentioned Joan Slonczewski's "A Door Into Ocean," which was one of my favorite books when i was younger but really isn't that well known. It wasn't even like she specifically mentioned that many other books in the essays either.

So that was a pleasant surprise, but then today i checked audible's website, as i usually do a couple times a day (who? addicted? me?) and found that they'd added at least 9 new books since this morning (the "most recent additions" thing only tracks that many) and the most recent of them was "A Door Into Ocean"!!!

Clearly the gods are sending me a sign that i need to reread that book, possibly while eating green tea mints :)

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