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I iz healthy!

I didn't feel like going by del taco for breakfast again today, so i stopped by 7-11 to get some Monster drinks since i haven't been by Costco in awhile and have run out of the 12 pack of diet Monster. Since the prices are outrageous there ($2.74 a can! compared to just over a dollar each at Costco!) i usually end up getting the yellow "M-80" ones, which is one of the fruit juice versions with passion fruit and pineapple in this case. In the downside it has calories, on the upside it tastes awesome :) So i figure on the rare occasion where i have to resort to 7-11 i can get them as a treat and thus not feel as bad about the 150% price increase =P So i grabbed two cans of that and then gave into temptation and grabbed two bags of reese's pieces as well. When i got up to the counter though the cash register person kindly informed me that they actually had a but 2 get 1 free sale on the Monster drinks, so i happily ran back and got a third one. That makes the price come out to... $1.83 each, which is _almost_ reasonable! :)

So my breakfast this morning consists of 560 calories total of energy drink and nutrition bars :)

Oh yeah, and on the "no, i take care of myself, really" note, i've also gotten about 3-4 hours of sleep the past two nights running, which includes an hour of hitting snooze both mornings. I seem to be in one of my bad phases now, where i can get up relatively early in the morning, but not quickly =P

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