DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Firefox 3 is full of fail

The one thing i was really looking forward to with Firefox 3 was the reported improvements in memory management. Well i currently have one Firefox 3 window open. That window has one tab. That tab has _no_ page loaded. The windows task manager currently shows firefox.exe's memory usage at 1,234,756 K.

Now that _is_ down from the 1,350,000 or so K it was using when i had three windows open with about 40-80 tabs open between them, but not much. I've taken a look at this page and tried a couple of their suggestions about clearing out histories and such, but it didn't cause any significant improvement. Their last suggestion of restarting Firefox from time to time will work of course, but i don't really consider that an acceptable solution. Besides, if i want to go with that option i can just stick with Firefox 2 =P

Also, in the week (approximately) that i've been using it Firefox 3 has crashed two or three times. So my limited use suggests that with the initial release you get all the memory issues of Firefox 2 _plus_ more stability issues. I'd say hopefully they'll fix these issues in future patches, and the stability issues probably will be dealt with, but if people have been complaining about the memory issues since when 2.0 came out and they didn't manage to fix them with the major update from 2 to 3, then what are the odds that they'll manage to take care of them in a minor patch?

Edit: Oh yeah, and despite the fact that it's still Times New Roman according to the settings, when i type things in text boxes in Firefox 3 it looks like it's in some weird kind of font to me, more roundy or something.

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