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Went to see WALL-E yesterday with thumbie shamiksan and porfinn. We had lunch at Lazy Dog first (which i think i've been to before in Huntington Beach with shelleycat) before the movie.

WALL-E was very cute, funny, a bit saccharine, and the moral was about as blatant as an anvil to the head. That last one isn't really a plus, but since it was a moral that i mostly agree with, at least in general, it didn't really subtract from the movie for me :) I don't know if it was better than Ratatouille, but i'd certainly rather watch it again than, say, watch "A Bug's Life" or "Finding Nemo" again, or watch "Cars" for the first time ;)

shelleycat should be showing up at my place around 4, and there may still be potential for seeing "Wanted" today if anyone else is interested. (I think that potential is down to ceph and theinated at this point given the comments from others at dinner last night.)

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