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I really wish i had some kind of cybernetic implant that could transcribe my thoughts for me. It would make writing posts so much easier, since most of the time i've already thought about what i need to write and just need to find the time where i can focus on typing it all out for a bit. Plus it would be interesting to leave it running overnight to see if any words get captured from my dreams, or more likely right as i'm waking up when i'm thinking about the dream in recall before i've had too much time to forget it all. Speaking of which i had one of those dreams this morning, but all i can remember about it now was that at least part of it seemed to involve moving back into my old bedroom in my parents' house. Like, the really old one that my sister and i shared when we were kids before the basement got remodeled and we got our own rooms down there. Very odd. I know there were other parts of it that were much more strange and interesting but i can only remember the one moderately weird bit, which i think may have been near the end.

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