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Ooohhh! The third book in Lois McMaster Bujold's Sharing Knife series came out on Audible today!!! *bounce*

That makes my decision on what to get in a day or two when i get my monthly credits a bit tough though. I'd been thinking of getting Diplomatic Immunity and the fourth book in the Prince Roger series. I suppose i should delay Diplomatic Immunity since i've already read it, but the audiobook versions of the Vorkosigan saga are so good... Which isn't to say that i don't like the Sharing Knife series too, but it's not quite as enthralling as the Miles books, or the Chalion books even, so it's not just a matter of SF vs. Fantasy.

I think at least part of the problem might be that the Sharing Knife world is somewhat desolate and post-apocalyptic. The Vorkosigan and Chalion 'verses are places where things are happening and progress is being made, in the Sharing Knife 'verse they _might_ be making progress, of a kind, maybe, but the underlying fear is that they're only treading water at best.

And speaking of things to get, Wii Fit is supposed to have come out today! I thought about stopping by GameStop on the way home today to try and grab a copy, but i decided i probably ought to just go straight home and at least try to sleep given the lack of it last night. You know, instead of making silly LJ posts and such :)

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