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When i listen to the radio now, or at least stations that play older songs like Jack FM, i occasionally hear a song and think "hey! I've played that on Guitar Hero, and the fingering for those chords is really fun!" which seems kind of odd but amusing. I vaguely remember having similar thoughts back when i used to play the trumpet, except that one rarely hears those kinds of songs on the radio :) It's also odd that despite remembering the song, and remembering the chords, and even remembering a few vague details about the Guitar Hero fingerings for the fun bits, i can't remember the name of the song or who it's by :)

(And i've really got to come up with some more music icons, but my initial attempt was foiled by the odd fact that you can't do a screen capture of a flv file playing in VLC. Instead of whatever was playing you get some kind of magic transparent window. If you move the Paint window around so it matches the FLV window in the background you can see what you were trying to capture, but otherwise it's just a black square.)

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