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We got a fun email at work this evening shortly before i left.

They are working on the schedule for the next game, and they'd really like to have as good idea about the PTO situation as they can. They understand that unexpected stuff does come up, but they would like us to let them know now about any plans we might have (in the abstract manner of course) and schedule the PTO time now.

We have a maximum limit of 200 PTO hours that we can save up at one time, which means that when people reach that point they'll start taking a lot of PTO so that they don't lose any. Knowing this, they suggested that if any of us are getting close to that point, that we are strongly encouraged to take a block of time off before the end of the year. =)

I've been trying to figure out when the best time to use my PTO would be, and feeling a little guilty about not letting them know more in the advance, and all of the sudden they're telling me that not only am i allowed, but encouraged to take the time off when i wanted to be taking it off =)

I need to find out exactly how much i get off per year. My officemate said that it was 15 days a year, but i could have sworn that we only got ten off per year. Last i checked i was at about 170 hours. Even 10 days a year would be 80 hours, so i really want to use, well, all 80 or 120 hours of it really. I figure i'll probably take a week or two off in november. I'll take a day or two off at the begining of january to extend the normal vacation (we normally get the 25th - the first off) and then try to figure out some time during the summer next year that i can schedule a week off for.

So i should talk to people in boston about the possibility for planing a visit, so i can figure out what time in november would be good. I should also take a look at plane flights.

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