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Wow, Obama's significantly ahead in Texas currently. Unfortunately that's with only 1% of the vote in, and it doesn't match up with what any of the polls have said. Clinton's ahead by about the same amount in Ohio, which does approximately match up with what polls have said, and according to CNN the Clinton campaign is sure they'll win Ohio and think they'll edge out Obama in Texas. I wonder how much one can trust what the campaigns are saying at this point? =/ The Obama campaign has been reported as saying that based on the exit polls they think they'll get a single digit gain in delegates tonight. However given that it's clear they steamrolled Clinton in Vermont that seems to be an admission that they're going to lose in Ohio and Texas, though obviously not by a large margin, or at best statistically tie.

Edit: Watching Obama's lead in texas erode point by point as more votes are counted, while Clinton's lead in Ohio stays pretty constant. I'm surprised they haven't called it for Ohio yet =/

Edit Edit: And they have called it for Clinton in Rhode Island at 53% with 13% of the vote in =/

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