DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Surreal moment for the day

While looking for random political news during lunch i found this article which says "ultra-conservative Ann Coulter is threatening to campaign for Hillary Clinton if John McCain snags the nomination"

That's just bizarre. What's wrong with John McCain from a republican's perspective? And why Clinton rather than Obama? Sure Coulter claims "She's more conservative than he [John McCain] is," but is there really _that_ much difference between Clinton and Obama? (Aside from the whole media censorship thing that is.) Or is Coulter just assuming Clinton will be the opposite number?

Anyways, what i was _trying_ to figure out is why Obama's poll numbers have been going gradually up in California over the past several days. Has there been any specific reason anyone knows about or is it just the vagaries of the voting populace? In any case i'm wondering if it would have actually been better to have the election a little later to let the momentum, if there actually is any, build.

Edit: Actually according to one poll Obama's numbers actually skyrocketed just today. Of course there have been several instances so far where the polls have declared that candidate X had a decisive lead and then turned out to be dead wrong... =/

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