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Notable events from the superbowl:

Some guy caught a football on his head, that was amusing :)

About "one minute" before the end of the game i realized that the people in the red white and blue uniforms weren't the Patriots, they were the Giants. (Okay, i think the Patriot uniforms also had all three colors on them, but just glancing at the screen from time to time the overall impression was just "blue".)

I heard the Giants ended up winning it (i was actually walking Lady_Shelleycat out to her car when it ended.) Apparently this was some kind of historic upset. But don't they always find some excuse for saying the game is historic after the fact?

Um, and did i mention that the FedEx Pigeon commercial was cool? :) I liked the Bridgestone commercial in the second half too, though i think i would have enjoyed it more if i'd caught the one in the first quarter or so. (We spent the first ten minutes after the superbowl started watching Puppy Bowl, and then the next 50 minutes watching an episode of Mythbuster, so we didn't get around to the superbowl till about an hour in, and then we missed some of the commercials after that anyways cause we'd turn the volume down while the game was going or get distracted reading or looking at stuff on the computer and not notice when the commercials came on.)

Some of the... Budwiser? commercials were cool, the one with the flame breath and the cave men one. The Panda restaurant one was... just wrong. And as usual the GoDaddy one was stupid. Oh, the Justin Timberlake one was fun too, regardless of whether you like him or hate him :) Uh, there were some other ones i liked, but i can't think of them offhand right now.

Speaking of which, i found two sites where you can actually go watch all the superbowl commercials, and if you have the right add-ons installed in Firefox you can save them too :)

There's a myspace page (thanks stormfeather!!!) and an ad ranking page on the USA Today site

But before you go watch them, they're even more amusing if you've seen this old superbowl FedEx commercial, which explains all the key components to a "successful" superbowl ad. It's amusing to check the elements off as you see them in the other commercials :) (Though i think "groin kick" really ought to be replaced with the more generic Schadenfreude.)

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