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The problem with watching old Superbowl commercials on YouTube while the superbowl is on is that you don't always notice when the _new_ superbowl commercials actually come on TV :)

It's kind of sad though that FedEx always has some of the best superbowl commercials given that i don't actually like the company very much.

Also, i'm really looking forward to Jumper and Iron Man, and Prince Caspian looks pretty cool too. Hopefully i won't be disappointed by all the hype.

Edit: And i'm a little annoyed with Fox for pushing the Sarah Conner Chronicles so much trying to get people to watch it when they're not doing any repeats!!! If they want to convince new people to start watching it they ought to be repeating the old episodes so people don't have to try and jump in the middle and figure out what's going on. Of course we only need to look at the wonder of how they dealt with Firefly to realize how intelligent the people running Fox are =P

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