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Stupidest comment ever

I've been reading, or rather listening to, David Weber's "Off Armageddon Reef." The one disadvantage of audiobooks is that you don't get any pictures or diagrams that might be included, specifically the maps that a significant number of SF and fantasy books have at the beginning. I've been searching about the net trying to find if the map that supposedly comes with the physical book has been reproduced anywhere. No luck with that so far, but while looking i did stumble across the amazon reviews of the book. Most of the reviews are good, and some are bad. A couple of the one and two star reviews make very valid points, but some of them are just dumb. One in particular astounded me with the comment's author's stupidity:

"Frankly I can't understand why Weber even had a 'female' character at all since it doesn't seem to impact the plot in any way."

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