DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


So much stuff to get caught up on. I haven't even looked at LJ since friday night.

Some random tidbits:

When I was coming home from work friday night, all of the sudden i ran into some severe traffic on Foothill (the local major thoroughfare) just before i got home.

At first i was thinking that there myst have been an accdient or something. However when i got closer i saw a sign saying "Sobriety Check." When i got to the fron of the line, i just got waved through, the guy didn't even look at me or anything, i think because they already had a full line of people pulled off to the side of the road.

I considered asking them if they had a warrant if they pulled me over, but i don't think i would have actually had the nerve =) It does kind of annyo me though. Especially since as i was progressing through the traffic jam part, i saw several people pull a u-turn and head back the other way. At the time i figured they were going to try an alternate route to avoid the traffic, and if i hadn't already been so close to home i would have considered the same. However in retrospect, for all i know they were people who were a little tipsy and didn't want to get checked, and there was nothing being done to stop them.

So the police created a big traffic snarl to perform a check of dubious legality, while allowing those who might actually have been guilty to just turn around and leave, thereby negating any potential gain.

I also wonder who the hell has had time to get drunk and already left wherever it was they were getting drunk to head somwhere else. It was 8:00 and i was just getting home! =P

Apparently i was a little more tired than i was feeling at the time. While i was at the club at one of the points when i was feeling depressed, i sat down on one of the seats in back and just sat watching what was going on, and i think i may actually have dozed off for a few minutes, despite the music =)

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