DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I'm in ur LJ posts, stealin ur links!

Merry christmas/solstice/athiest kids get presents day/and at least a couple more holidays that i don't know how to spell!

Since i have nothing else much to say i thought i'd share some yuletide links. I've seen at least one of them a couple times before, but i yanked them from the most recent poster, stormfeather :)

First, a very humerous acapella version of the 12 days of christmas

Second, this is a christmas link just for all you other Portal fans :) Well, i suppose the rest of you can look at it too, it doesn't contain any big spoilers, but it won't make much sense to you :)

And as long as i'm talking about Portal, check out this new Portal song made by someone called "Victims of Science." There are other videos that have video clips from Portal matched up with the song, but the comment on the above link has another link to an mp3 of the song you can download.

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