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03 December 2007 @ 10:05 pm
Heroes half-season finale:

So, are they actually going to kill Hiro? They said they were going to kill two people if i'm remembering correctly.

Well, good try Suresh =P

But you _better_ not fix Sylar just to save yourself and Molly and Maya, cause you know what he'll do after that!

Or the two could be Adam and Peter, but that seems unlikely =P

Peter, you better be playing cagey, or you're a fricken moron!!!

And then Bob gets axed by his own psychotic "daughter" :)

We know the virus is going to be released today, so let's smash open the vault it's in! That's smart! =P

I hope Peter doesn't get his head cut off by Adam as soon as the vault is open. A: we need him to deal with people like Adam and Sylar later, and B: we need him to suffer for his stupidity by living to witness the depth of his error =P

Now just blow some bubbles into his veins!!! =P

Or perhaps psychotic electricity girl will get herself killed by Sylar rather than killing Bob =P

"We don't talk about that ever again." Hee :)

"Listening to my mother has never led to anything good." Double-hee :)

Uh oh, don't help, please don't help Molly =P (Unless they're going to play a surprise, ha! he's not quite dead yet =P)

And... no. Well, that's probably one down =/

What the hell is up with Peter? Oh yeah, i forgot, he gained the super-naivety power =P

Hiro, don't bother with the confrontation, just freeze time and deal with him!!!

Er, right idea Hiro, _totally_ wrong move!

Or not, Maya will be back now, so who _are_ the two who are going to die?

Awww, not Niki =/

Um, wow. Hiro gets points for creativity. Though i'm not sure if that was really a safe thing to do. Eventually someone or something is going to break him out.

So that still leaves who #2 is...

Perhaps Nathan gets shot before he can announce anything?


How the hell can he be dead though? They _know_ how to heal people with the blood now, even unto death =P

And of course Sylar is back, just to wrap the "season" up on a "good" note =P

So here's a question for you. If they actually did get rid of the killer virus, and it doesn't get spread by Niki's cremated remains or mutate inside Sylar or something, then what happens to cute irish girl? She was left behind in a future that no longer exists =/
Kirinkirinn on December 4th, 2007 03:30 pm (UTC)
I was wondering the same thing about Irish girlfriend.

As for restoring people from the dead, I'm presuming there's a time-limit, and nobody near Nathan has any healing blood right now (unless Peter's counted, but I think we established before that it doesn't). Suresh had Claire's and Sylar seems to have stolen all of it - though keeping it all in one place would've been quite stupid, but par for the course this season. Actually, if Peter were *really* on the ball, he could maybe call Hiro on his cell phone, have him teleport back Adam just long enough to steal some of his blood, and use that quick. :) Sounds a bit tricky, though.

I almost wasn't sure if they were going to let Nathan go through with it in the end, and maybe have next season be a whole X-men (or DC civil war) mutant registration plot-line, but I guess they already got that out of their system in the season one flash-forward. It also struck me that there's very few operatives of the Company or the Cabal that we've ever met left alive aside from Bob and electric girl (and borderline Niki, Suresh, Noah), who were all elsewhere, and Nathan's mother, who was informed by phone-call, so who actually shot him? Though presumably they do have other operatives.

akiko pointed out at the end, man, Hiro's got a hidden mean streak. Maybe a bit of old alt-future Hiro showing through. As for practicality, if he were smart he might have left instructions with his dad's company to keep the grave site strictly off-limits. (I guess his sister is probably in charge there now?)

Also, while I'm not a big fan of Maya, I'm kind of glad she didn't die just because her whole character and plot sideline would've been so completely pointless if she never got to actually do anything major.
DonAithnendonaithnen on December 6th, 2007 09:21 pm (UTC)
We don't actually _know_ that Peter's blood can't heal do we? I've wondered a bit why he hasn't tried it out already, but there's been no in-series explanation of why it wouldn't work so far that i can remember.

And the safer way to do it would be find out from Molly where Claire is, get Hero to teleport over there and tell her that her biological-dad needs some of her blood or he's going to die. Especially if they explain what he was trying to do that got him shot she ought to be all for it.

Instructions not to disturb the grave will work for awhile, but what about in a hundred years? Or a thousand? And it's not like Adam's gonna feel any more kindly disposed towards humanity when he gets out of there =P

For awhile there it looked like we might lose _both_ the new characters, Maya and memory-muscle girl. And yeah it kind of would have been a waste of the time spent introducing them and building up their characters, but i can't say that i would have really been that disappointed compared to the alternatives.