DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


So, just checking, is there any side that Suresh _hasn't_ been on by this point? =P

Um, why the hell is Niki wandering about in the world?

"I can't make anyone else sick" Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!

What a crappy time for Maya to learn to control her power =P Why was Sylar willing to risk that anyways? Sure, he can off Alejandro now, but was it really worth the risk?

And that ladies and gentlemen is why you shoot the immortal guy in the head first and make witty comments later. *sigh*

Okay, Suresh _does_ have a super power. He has the power of super-naivety, and Peter has absorbed it.

And somehow Maya has too somehow. Perhaps Shanti was born with a virus that infects people and eliminates their powers and then kills them, and Suresh was born with a virus that infects people and makes them naive.

Okay, what happened to Muscle Memory Girl's kung-fu powers?

And Hiro isn't naive, but he could act a little smarter. Like maybe explain a little more why maybe Peter shouldn't be helping Adam. And why is Peter so quick to believe Adam over Hiro when Hiro helped him save the world before? I guess one of the effects of super-naivety is that when there are two things you could believe in conflict with each other you will go with whichever one is dumber =P

*Edit: aka Ep 210! Thanks akiko! :)

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