DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Yay! Heroes!

Claire is a lot less likable this season =P

Er, using the voice in head thing on Molly is a little creepy, i hope Matt doesn't start progressing from stupid to evil =P

If you're Claire, the solution to someone pointing a gun at you is to charge them. Don't give them time to think or make threats.

Wow, this is a very back and forth episode.

It would be cool if Hiro managed to save his dad, but it would kind of involve rewinding the entire season so far =P

Hmmm, you know, now that Peter is starting to learn to time travel/teleport, he can go acquire any ability he wants.

Um, why didn't Hiro at least stick around long enough to see who it was that killed his dad? =P Oh, wait, nevermind :)

Ahhhh, yes, i'd actually forgotten that part and parcel of the prediction that Kensei had survived to the present was the possibility that he was the one who killed Hiro's dad. The argument was it had to be someone who can regenerated, someone who can fly, or someone who can do illusions, so that meant either West, Adam, or Nathan or Peter, presumably under some kind of mind control.

I really don't see how Mohinder could justify that. They had been friends working together to bring down the company, he knew that Bob and Elle had been planning on killing Noah. I can see how he might not appreciate Noah shooting down Bob in cold blood, but it shouldn't really excuse him shotting Noah first. He preemptively killed someone who was going to preemptively kill someone who was going to preemptively kill him first.

*blinks* Okay, i admit that was a theoretically predictable but practically entirely surprising end. How long can you be dead and still have Claire or Adam's blood bring you back?

Also, while discussing the episode with Lady_Shelleycat an interesting question came up. Immortal blood seems to be good against normal injuries and presumably diseases. But the Shanti virus seems to feed on powers. What happens when you inject the Immortal blood into Niki and mix it with the virus...?

Two more episodes left for the half season...

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