DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Yesterday Stuff

Yesterday morning was pretty stressful. One of my tasks for the patch was to break certain cheat programs that people have been using in multiplayer games on the net.

A put in some changes, and a lot of the cheats were broken, but one was being stubborn. I spent all wednesday trying to figure it out, and thursday morning i was really strugling to finish it off, since we wanted to make a patch build. Luckily i figured out what the cheat was doing, and broke it too, and had my code finished off by about 1.

Everybody else was out to lunch or busy with other stuff at that point, so i decided to go to lunch as well.

I had some del taco at the mall, and then went to the Software Etc. Originally I was only going to price some games that i was interested in getting. However they had a big rack of used PS2 games, including several of the ones that I wanted. Usually i can get any game for the same price or $5 cheaper at Electronics Boutique, however these ranged from $10 to $15 less than the new versions. If i could have found used copies at EB, they would have been even cheaper, however I decided that the guarnteed $5 or $10 cheaper than the new EB version, with only the possibility of finding a used copy at EB was enough to merit just getting the games then, so I ended up getting 3 PS2 games when I hadn't intended to get any =)

So i picked up the three games, and I wrote down prices for some of the other PS2 and PC games, and some of the anime as well. I also tried out the XBox demo they had set up. game they were demoing was really stupid and boring, and after a couple of minutes using the controler my hand started to hurt. The four buttons also seem to be very small, and were placed unfortunatly close together in a diamond patter that was completly covered up by my thumb. They have a controller the size of Texas, and the buttons are tiny things packed into an area less than a square inch in size, somebody was not thinking when they designed this thing.

As i was getting ready to leave, two cute girls came into the store and started looking at the anime. I hung around for a couple of minutes trying to think of a way to initiate a conversation, but finally just gave up on it as a bad idea.

As i was paying for my stuff i talked to the store guy for a little bit. He has apparently heard that this Christmas season PS2 is going to be number one and that XBox is going to lose out to the GameCube. I keep seeing stories all over the place about how biased the software stores are towards the XBox, but every person that i've actually talked to at the stores seems to be more in favor of the GameCube. Perhaps i've just been lucky in what stores i hit, or perhaps others are making a judgement based on how much XBox merchandise is put up at the stores, to which there is indeed a very heavy bias.

I suspect that the marketing arms of these stores are quite willing to sell themselves to Microsoft and wallpaper the place with XBox adds, however it may be that the employees themselves, being reasonably inteligent people with free will and a better than average view of the situation are not being taken in by all the hoopla. Unfortunatly i don't know if the same can be said of the averge buyer. We'll see in a few weeks i guess.

Oh, the guy also said that Civilization III is coming out on the 31st!! *bounce bounce bounce!* Civ Civ Civ!!!! heehee! =)

It was getting a little late by that point, but i decided to go over to the bookstore anyway. They didn't have most of the books that i was looking for, but they did have the second book in the Harry Turtledove trilogy that i'm currently reading, so i got that.

While i was crossing the skybridge on the way back to the other half of the mall, i saw a small group of vageuly goth looking people who had a stereo set up playing goth while two of them posed and one of the others took pictures of them. I thought about hanging around and asking what they were doing, but i was running late, so i just continued on.

I got back to the office about a half hour later than I had planed, checked my stuff in, and we did the build. The rest of the afternoon was pretty boring. I spent some time looking for shockwave games on the web, and i found a risk game a Master of Orion lookalike.

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