DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

So this is supposed to be the episode where "everything is revealed"...

Spoilers for Heroes Ep. 208:

So Nathan did get burned... how'd he get fixed or disguised? Is Linderman actually still around somehow?

Or does their mom have healing or disguise ability?

And DL survived the bullet wound... so how'd he "die"?

Okay, how did Maya get blamed for that? Those people certainly look like they died from some disease.

Why would they lock Adam up in a cell where he can talk to other "guests"? Unless they're actually working for Adam still and it's all a complicated setup.

Or perhaps their mom's power is convincing people of things.

I still don't really understand why Niki is having a magical split personality relapse.

Hey, so Peter should have Midas Touch now.

So since when did they have pills that kill powers?

Um, why the hell were DLs reactions lightning fast in one case but not in another?

So do we believe DLs actually dead? We weren't shown a body, but it's not like he had any real reason to go into hiding.

Uh, why did Muscle Memory girl not recognize Bob at all when she saw him again?

Does whatever Maya does actually show up on a toxicology test? Or were the police just lazy about their autopsies when they were told Maya did it?

So why did they need Adam's blood to heal Nathan? Shouldn't Peter's blood have worked just as well?

What is it that Nathan is standing outside of in the rain at the end?

Okay, definitely not everything was revealed, not that i was really expecting it to be.

So are we supposed to believe that Adam has reformed? We were told that Linderman came up with the blowing up New York plan because of what he learned from Adam, but we weren't told that by exactly the most trustworthy of sources.

So what's going to happen when Adam and Hiro meet up again?

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