DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Yay! Heroes! Time to take a break from the, er, 100 or so words i've gotten done for NaNoWriMo tonight =P

Heroes Ep: 207

So was it actually Nightmare guy who killed Hiro's dad and tried to kill Peter's mom? Is it possible for him to give the same nightmare to two different people? Because Ando described the same thing that we saw Hiro's day seeing. And everyone in the police station saw the lights go out when Peter's mom was attacked.

Seems like waking up Molly would be good practice for Matt's "new" power.

I'm trying to figure out why they're intent on using the virus on Matt's dad. Shouldn't automatic weapons work fine? You could argue that he could confuse the people with the guns into shooting each other, but he could just as easily confuse the people with the syringe's into injecting each other.

So is Nathan going to be patient zero for the virus? No, it's going to be Niki =P

*sigh* So is anyone going to have the courage to cap Matt's dad now that he's down?

Er, crap, what happens if Peter changes the past/present while present Kaitlin is still in the future?

It would be "funny" if somehow Kensei's power failed to work 100%, and he ended up looking like the guy in Nathan's visions.

So the question about whether Hiro would become Kensei or not is both and neither.

Okay, now is when they put that entire facility under quarantine before Niki or anyone else spreads the new virus about =P

Oh god Mohinder, why are you being an idiot again?!?! You had your one high point when you nailed Sylar, and it's mostly been a gradual decline since then.

Speaking of which, there was nothing about Sylar and Maya at all this episode.

It seems like flying boy is honest, given his reaction to seeing Claire's dad. Still quite possibly a creepy person, but honest at least where Clarie's family is concerned. Either that or he's a really good actor.

So the internet speculation about Kensei _was_ right. So the question is, does regeneration make you immortal? Or did he hitch a ride with a time traveler?
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