DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Catching up

The weekend before last:

Went home friday and played a fair bit of FF12. Spent about 30 minutes restarting the Exodus fight until i could steal a High Arcana from him.

Then i remembered that kirinn had said there were other ways to get the Fomalhaut than from the one chest i'd already fucked up. I did a couple websearches and managed to find some newer faqs that listed where to find it, specifically in a random chest in the Cerobi Steppe, and then found that there's actually quite a lot of awesome stuff in random chests there. I ended up spending about two hours opening chests while watching AMV Hell 3 and most of AMV Hell 4 before going to bed.

Saturday i got up late and finished watching AMV Hell 4, and then a little later got a call from thumbie asking if i'd be interested in going to see the 3D Nightmare Before Christmas with her and shamiksan. We made plans to go to the 7pm showing and they drove by my place so we could carpool.

Nightmare Before Christmas was pretty cool. The 3D effects were pretty good when they were actually used, however there were only certain bits that were done, though most of the scenes had at least a little bit. I'm guessing this was because the film wasn't originally filmed for 3D, and i kind of wonder how they managed to achieve the effects they did. The glasses are also curious, they're not normal polarization since tilting your head while watching the movie has no effect and you can't combine two lenses to black out the light. From what i can find online it seems they do indeed use "circular polarization," which i believe shamiksan suggested as a possibility, though i have no idea how that works. The one odd visual effect from combining lenses is that if you're wearing a pair of the glasses and someone else is wearing a pair of the glasses if you look at their eyes it looks really weird.

After the movie we went to Vince's for dinner. We showed up 9:15 when they were closing at 10, and got seated almost immediately and got the fastest service ever! Afterwards they dropped my off back at my place and i went to bed almost right away i think.

I got up early sunday and thought about going rollerblading, but then decided against it and spent most of the day reading instead. In the afternoon i went on a brief shopping excursion. I stopped by some shoe place that the birkenstock website claimed carried their stuff, but they said they discontinued them recently, bah. Then i continued on up to REI and bought a new mini-swiss army knife (by this point i think i'd be better off if i could get them in a six-pack =P) and decided to get a smallish backpack as well in case i ever do get around to doing the long distance rollerblading i keep telling myself i ought to try.

I had been thinking about going to Malediction that evening, but then ended up feeling too lazy to actually do it. So instead i just sat and lay around and read more.

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