DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

It's monday! You know what that means! Time for another Heroes post!

I'm wondering if what's his names attempt to help Claire, or this is the start of tempting her into evil =P

Um, why is Sylar trying to put the moves on Maya? =P

Hee, that's a new line on interrogation scenes :)

So are the border patrol people toast since Alexandro is going to be curing Maya somewhere else? =/

That's no way to treat a sword =P And how did a random swordsmith, even a very good one, know how to make firearms?

Screw the space/time continuum! I want the girl!!!

I guess Peter is starting to get the hang of Hiro's powers :)

So i wonder if what's going on with Kensei is supposed to be that he hasn't reformed as much as we've been led to believe, or if he was just briefly overcome by jealousy. Part of it depends on if White Beard(?) captured the swordsmith and what's her name himself, or if Kensei turned them over to him.

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