DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Okay, that's fricking weird.

This morning about 10, 10:15 am, the sky was a very light but very obvious hazy shade of orange. (But the leaves are still green =)

At noon it was maybe still a little orange, but a lot less so. I decided to go to Subway for lunch and while i was walking along i started thinking "something looks very odd, but i can't figure out what." Finally after about half a block (well, about half a mini-block) i realized that all the shadows were _blue_! Not very strongly so, but clearly noticeable when i started looking. Presumably they're not actually blue, they just seem that way in comparison to the light, which is still orange even if i'm not noticing it anymore?

It looks like most of the haze is to the east and south, and you can actually see some blue sky to the north, so if it is smoke in the air it's presumably from the Irvine fire i guess?

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