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Finished "War of Honor" late last week or over the weekend i think, now i'm on page 325 of 850 of "At All Costs." Time for more wild speculation and such that no one aside from steuard will care about! :)

So for just about everything i guessed at for "War of Honor" i was about half right. Even when i got a little further into the book and thought my first guess about something was wrong it wasn't, it was still half right, and since i thought it was wrong i made a new guess... which turned out to be half right :)

Speaking of which, clearly Manticore is supposed to represent Britain and Haven is supposed to be France, and the Anderman Empire is clearly supposed to be associated with Prussia/Germany. Obviously things have been mixed up a bit though to keep everything from being a direct one to one correspondence, and nowhere is this more obvious then when you have "Germany" and _"England"_ dividing "Poland," aka Silesia, between them. Unless there was similar deal between England and Prussia during the Napoleonic wars that i'm not aware of?

Anyways, so far there's two things i'm not especially pleased with in the new book. The clues about Honor getting pregnant were a little blatant, and it seemed a little soap opera-y. And initially at least i'm not liking the sudden introduction of evil corporation conspiracies. Up till now it's been all about nation-states and politics and military. This new thing seems a bit out of left field.

I do like that the Havenites have figured out what happened with the treaty process but aren't able to do anything about it because of political circumstances. It's probably just as frustrating as evil politicians manipulating others into doing their whims and/or the good guys being idiots, but i'm a lot more sympathetic towards them under these circumstances. I do wonder why the evil secret corporation was willing to use their nano machines to bring that about. We were told outright that they were used to kill of evil secretary's accomplice, which seems to indicate that his hacker friend is involved with the evil corporation, either that or they've got amazingly similar aims. However it wasn't clear if the same things were used to kill off the evil secretary himself or if that was an accident. It wasn't made clear and this seems to have furthered the evil corporations goals. However if they were going to do that why not just have him killed off in the first place? Using the nano machines twice seems like an unwarranted risk given how worried they were about exposing the method to possible scrutiny.

It seems like both sides agree that Manticore is rather hosed at the moment. The Havenites' LACs apparently aren't up to snuff anymore given the new Manty tactics, but they've still got a big lead on the super missile carriers, and they've got more tech coming down the pipeline soon. So the question is how _doesn't_ Manticore actually end up getting screwed? It's possibly that Honor's ongoing raids actually will force Haven to redistribute their forces and go off the offensive, but that doesn't seem quite dramatic enough. Other than that the only thing i can think of that would make a huge difference is if Honor somehow stumbled upon Bolthole and managed to destroy it. However that would be a _really_ big coincidence unless it was set up very well, and given Haven just did almost the exact same thing at Grendelbane it would be rather shocking if they hadn't bothered with some good defenses of their own at Bolthole.

I do wonder why, when the Havenites realized how well their "defense in depth" worked, they didn't gather up a few extra forces and attack Trevor's Star again. They clearly wouldn't have the element of surprise anymore, but the whole point of Thunderbolt was to see to it that the Manties didn't have enough units left to cover what they had, much less reinforce anywhere.

As for Honor's pregnancy and the surrounding issues the answer is pretty clear, and they've certainly hinted at it enough times. Honor and Hamish and Emily just need to jump over to Grayson and get married there. The Graysons wouldn't have any problem at all with Honor after that, and although their relationship would still be very gossip worthy on Manticore i don't think anyone could make it a political issue anymore given Grayson's place as Manticore's #1 ally and the nation that pulled Manticore's ass out of the fire at Trevor's Star less than a year earlier.

If they don't take such a simple and obvious way out of the dilemma then i'm going to be somewhat annoyed =P

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