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No softball game this evening again, so we're out for the season =P Oh well, on the plus side that makes watching Heroes easier.

Ep: 20tonight

So the new girl does have electricity power and seems to be associated with the Agency. That explains where Peter got the electricity power from (though i still think it would have been a reasonable adaption of Radiation Man's power) but if he'd met her before how did he get away from her later?

So can As-Seen-On-TV-Girl learn mental skills as well as physical skills? If so, that would provide a pretty simple solution to her college difficulties. Just tune into the local college or educational channel.

I don't buy Matt's dad being as innocent and ineffectual as he seems to appear. Molly couldn't have found the wrong person.

Now he's claiming that he was just trying to protect herself, but he was tormenting Molly a long time before that.

Ahhh, so is she going to learn the piano from watching Micah now? Woot! She's not just restricted to tv! :)

So Matt's dad really is an evil guy, not that that was really hard to predict, too bad Matt and Nathan are such dupes =P

So is Matt eventually going to be able to project stuff as well, or was his dad just lying about starting out like him?

Why does Kensei keep having to go on quests in order to rescue what's her name's father? Why can't he just charge in and wipe the place clean with Hiro's help? I don't think plans of the quality they were showing are going to help them much =P

Mohinder you idiot!!! Why didn't you just let Niki kill him? =P How did Niki end up there though?

Well at least Peter is showing some common sense now. ...too bad it didn't do him much good. ...and now he's painting something...

Umm, please don't end up dead Irish dude =/

Damn it, they're playing up Niki's multiple personality thing again? I thought we dealt with that at the end of last season! They probably just resurrected again cause they didn't think they had enough drama =P

So I guess Muscle Memory girl's power is only good for physical stuff, which is kind of unfortunate for her. No speed learning calculus or programming or anything like that.

Awww, damn it :( Maybe she was wrong about Irish dude being dead? Unless that's what peter is painting =/

No, that's not what peter was painting, but she definitely wasn't wrong :(

So aside from that, another episode with lots of setup going on but nothing much significant happening.

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