DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Oops :)

I've gotten so used to missing Heroes on monday that when the softball game got canceled for lack of girls tonight i didn't think about the fact i could go home early and watch it =P Luckily i got home at 9:05 anyways, just in time to catch the end of the opening bit :)

Ack! Maya and Sylar together =/ I don't suppose she'll manage to kill him accidentally? =P

So what's the new girl's (micah's relative) power? Learning how to do stuff off the tv?

Ohhh! Full picture of the conspiracy group! Gold spoon guy is in it, of course. Hmm, and i didn't notice if the other Star Trek person was in it or not.

Oh my god, it is, isn't it? Her power is learning stuff off the TV! I suppose it could be very practical in terms of usefulness, but damn what a stupid sounding power.

What was up with Micah's laying on of hands right before that though? Has his power suddenly expanded to affecting people too, or what?

Matt's dad is the uber-badguy, yay totally random soap opera like plot twist! =P

It's the evil Nathan face again! So is he just nuts? Or is there some weird power thing going on?

Is Sylar amnesiac (either from getting hit by the car (presumably) or from his earlier injuries) or just confused? And what's up with the cockroach showing up again?

So what are the limits of new girl's tv watching powers? Apparently she can learn from shows that aren't actually teaching, and do things that she probably shouldn't normally be physical capable of without practice. So how far can she stretch that? Presumably not to the extent of watching someone else with a power on tv and copying it, the show already has its full quota of that. And does it need to be through tv? Cause that's really odd.

Matt is a moron. At least he's willing to accept that his dad is a bad guy, but convincing Molly to look for him is about the assiest thing ever.

And i still don't know about Claire's new boyfriend. Ever since we first saw him there's been something about him that gives me the creepy vibe, irrespective of the painting of her dad having been shot.

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