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I called (well, emailed) sick into work again today =P

I had a quick question i wanted to ask jmpava, so while waiting for him to get online i took a look at the new MediaChest/LibraryThing component to Google Books that akiko posted about. I started putting books in by ISBN and after about two shelves of books i ended up with this: donaithnen's library (48)

However in the process i also found about 10 books that couldn't be added by ISBN. For two or three of them i managed to look up the books by normal searches, looked through the different versions and found one with a matching ISBN number which just wasn't being matched for some reason. For the rest they either didn't have the version i have, or they didn't even have the book at all!

Since i saved the list of the ones that couldn't be added so i can try again later i might as well throw it in here:

S.M. Stirling
The Sky People

The Sunrise Lands

Lois McMaster Bujold
The Curse of Chalion

The Hallowed Hunt (Hardback)

The Hallowed Hunt (Paperback)

Martha Wells
The Gate of Gods

Jane Lindskold
Wolf Captured

Patricia Briggs
Moon Called

James Alan Gardner
Commitment Hour

The three or four of those i tried out on MediaChest all worked (LibraryThing didn't seem to have an ISBN search) and both MediaChest and LibraryThing seem to have better/more interesting interfaces at the moment. Clearly Google has some more work to do on this one (which isn't always the case for some of their "Beta" projects.)

So now i need to decide if i'm going to try and go back to sleep, or go out and get some lunch (and maybe buy some orange juice, though i don't know if that actually helps with coughy/congested stuff.)

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