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Awww, DL died anyways? That sucks :(

So kirinn, how did you know about Nichelle Nichols? I thought that was just a random guess/joke about her being on the show after Takei got shuffled off.

Candace is hanging out with Sylar? And has already admitted she's special? Good luck with her chances!

So is cute Irish girl going to turn out to have a power? Or be part of one of the conspiracies? Or is she only a supporting character/love interest?

Poor Hiro :(

*sigh* Yup, bye bye Candace, didn't even last a whole episode. Damn everyone else is so fucked now.

...or not, at least not right away.

Okay, choosing to stick around with hawt irish girl who wants to get it on with you, smart move. Choosing not to learn about your past, dumb move. Go ahead and look, if you don't like what you find ignore it and make out with the girl instead. If you like what you find... stick around and make out with the girl for awhile anyways and then think about what to do.

Well i guess Claire's not taking him home to meet the parents =P

So no major plot developments for this episode, except for Sylar getting Candace's powers, maybe. And lots of making out. Does that count as a plot development? :)

My new pet theory for this episode: Sylar's powers are working fine. The cup didn't move cause it wasn't actually there. He just _thinks_ he killed Candace. She's actually just sitting there laughing at him.

Probably not the case (i'm not sure how she would fake him thinking he'd analyzed her brain for one) but it would be amusing if it was.

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