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Spoilers for Heroes through episode 202

So so far we know Sylar has:

Telekinesis (Lifting things, hitting things, stopping bullets or other projectiles, cutting)
Super memory (If that's an always active power does that mean that Peter actually has it now, or does he have to be around Sylar while Sylar is trying to remember something?)
Super Hearing
Melting things
Radiation projection (Balls of some flame like substance, EMPs, some kind of electric bolt)
Seeing the future
At least four or five other powers we haven't been made aware of yet.
Oh, and the ability to "analyze" things and steal powers, duh!

So far we know Peter has:

Seeing the future
Possibly some kind of dreaming ability (if it's not the same as the seeing the future one)
Telekinesis (same as above)
Mind Reading
Radiation projection (same as above)
Phasing through objects
Super strength
And again, duh, the ability to copy powers :)

Anything i'm forgetting for either of them?

They're both becoming quite the ubermensch, Sylar in more ways than one, but at the moment it _seems_ that Peter has the advantage, depending on what other powers Sylar has up his sleeve. Or at least Peter would have the advantage if he got a little more skilled in using his powers. Sylar's power seems to give him instant mastery of any power he takes, which is rather unfair =P

Oh, and kirinn, do we know how Sylar was tracking down all those specials? He clearly didn't have the complete list from Suresh's father, or he wouldn't have been so eager to follow Suresh around to find more victims. Whatever it was that he had might not have listed what their powers actually were, which would explain why he didn't put more of an effort into getting Molly. He might have just known she had a power, not what the power was specifically.

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