DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Heroes Season 2

Um, why isn't Peter healing?

And why are they convinced he had something to do with the stuff missing (what is it they were supposed to steal anyways? anything important?) when he was handcuffed inside? Thinking he might know something about it would be reasonable, but they seem to think he's responsible.

Oh yeah, i'm not convinced that terrorizing your manager really provides long term job security :)

Heh, so Glasses Man promised there would be no more secrets, and he's running an operation trying to take down the agency on the side. It's gonna be fun when _that_ comes out! :)

So Hiro is going to at least start out posing as Kensai... =/

Okay, so i guess Peter was healing, but the blood was covering it up, which isn't the way it usually works.

Ahhh, the Haitian is back.

Whoa!!! He _did_ DLs power somehow!!! When did that happen??? I was expecting him to bust out Niki's strength to bust the ropes.

Okay, _there's_ Niki's strength!! :)

Why are they carrying an unshaded lantern while trying to cross the border?

So Maya does psychic sympathetic bleeding or something?

Hmmm, i wonder what it is that Alejondro does? Does he suck the injury/disease/power into himself and then heal it?

How does Claire know she left the car unlocked?

So we've got someone who can kill the lights and either turn invisible or psychokinetically cut people. Or turn invisible and get through locked doors that is.

Ha, okay, after he got shot i was kind of expecting him to heal or get healed somehow. I was just getting to the point of being disappointed that Hiro was going to be stuck in his role when it actually happened :) So we've got another repeat power now. Perhaps this will help Kensai out with the hero attitude. But how did he not figure out the power before?

Hee, Suresh and Glasses Man are sneakier than i thought. Hopefully they're also sneakier than the agency thinks. So did Suresh tell the Haitian where to find Glasses Man in a scene we didn't see before he got his memory erased?

Bet she cuts a pinky toe off :) Okay, if the dog is looking up and barking at something maybe you should look up too.

Speaking of healing, they mentioned that Claire was sick when she was little, something about a cough and them trying to find her genetic parents. Clearly they didn't actually try to find the parents, but it certainly seems possible that the sick part was real. And Claire herself wondered about the possibility of giving her blood to other people to maybe help them heal. Maybe it will turn out that she has the antibodies too, through the act of healing herself, and she too can cure other specials with transfusions.

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