DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Heroes Season 2

First off, why did Matt get a divorce? Any reason besides possible the actor who played his wife not wanting to come back for another season? And why is Nathan not a congressperson? Did the fraud get figured out? Did he have an emotional breakdown because of the possible loss of his brother and resign? (Clearly he's having emotional issues, it's just not clear where they fall in the cause/effect chain.) And speaking of Nathan, what was up with that second of him looking in the mirror and seeing someone with a burnt/scarred/something face?

Let's hope Peter never ever ever meets Maya!!! At least not without her brother around too, since presumably he has the power to repress her power? What is it she does anyway? Emit some kind of high pitched noise that ruptures everyone's blood vessels or something? (Two by two, hands of blue...)

Claire's new friend seems to have the first actual spontaneous repeat of a power we've seen, unless there's some other way to explain his levitation and flying than TK or, well, flying :) Is he supposed to be juts curious or creepy though? And in either case why does he think something is up with Claire? When he came back into the gym her legs were already healed. In any case his appearance combined with her going into hiding probably means that we'll never see Zack again :(

I'm not sure what to think about Molly's accusations about Matt cheating at the detective tests. It's not like the ability to read minds wouldn't be incredibly useful in his job, so it is a job related skill.

I'm wondering if Hiro is going to have to spend several episodes convincing Kensai to actually become a hero, or if he's going to end up fulfilling the legends and becoming Kensai himself. The later could take years though, and presumably end with him married to the swordsmith's daughter, which would kind of put a crimp on any plans for him to go back to the future.

I was't sure if that was actually Peter in the cargo container at the end of the episode, but i'm told it is indeed him, just with his hair cut off. So someone chained him up and stuck him in there and presumably arranged things so the thieves would find him there. Why? What does whoever it is want to get out of it, and for whose benefit?

So Hiro's dad mentioned there being nine of the old group of specials, but i can't remember (or wasn't clear at the time) if that was before or after Linderman and Peter's dad (and any others?) were killed, and if it included him and Peter's mom or not. It would seem now that Hiro's dad and whoever came to kill him are both dead. Of course given the people we're talking about appearances can be very deceptive. And presumably the guy who came to kill him wouldn't have done so by throwing them both off the building if he didn't think he was going to survive it himself somehow. Wasn't Hiro's dad planning to leave town for Japan to go into hiding though? Why'd he wait around so long?

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