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I watched these all together on sunday, so i'm not entirely sure which bits are from which episodes...

Presumably Peter needs to have someone use their power around him before he can copy it, not just be around someone with a power? Did he actually see Claire get hurt when he first rescued her? Or does her power count as always on? I'm still wondering what power his mom has, and what power the dying guy he was caring for at the beginning of the season had (could he have learned a power through a dream if the guy had used it then?) and what power Hiro's dad has.

It's really too bad Peter didn't get to learn Molly Walker's power, it would have made tracking down future bad guys a lot easier. And DL and his kid's power would be good to get too. So does he have Niki's super strength power now? He saw her use it to whack Sylar.

And speaking of Sylar, it is always important to remember that after you stab the evil dude with awesome powers and he _seems_ to be dying, you ALWAYS want to follow it up by IMMEDIATELY chopping his bloody head off!!! Come on people!

I _am_ glad some other people finally learned how to finish people off. Glasses Man (Noah i think they said his name was?) and DL rock!! :) DL really should have done that _before_ he got shot (or Niki should have said she'd take the money and then killed Linderman herself) but at least they actually survived this time. And Glasses Man got another cool line for his scene :) Though he really should have shot first and _then_ said the line. And Niki got one too with "didn't I throw you out a window?" :) It's sad that Linderman died before Peter ever got to meet him though. That would have been a _really_ damn useful power to have. I was right in predicting that he was going to cure Nathan's wife though. And i did successfully predict how Nathan was going to win the election, though that one wasn't too hard.

The whole time Peter was having visions about exploding i kept wondering "why don't you just fly out of range of New York, preferably straight up, before the actual explosion happens"? I'm glad to see the solution was actually so simple, though i'm _still_ wondering why he had to get Nathan to do the flying for him. I was saying to myself "now if you're _smart_ you'll drop him before he actually explodes." (But i've already seen episode 201 so i know how that one worked out =)

I'm trying to figure out if there was any meaning to Nathan saying "You saved the cheerleader, now we'll save the world" right before flying him away.

I am wondering who the person who can see Molly when she looks for him is, presumably he's going to be one of the big bad guys for the next season.

Oh, and i'm also confused about how Suresh ended up with the cure inside him. Did his father inject him with it after he was born and it somehow keeps reproducing itself? Or did his dad actually genetically engineer him to produce it?

And i'm still wondering what's up with that symbol, though it looks like maybe Hiro will be finding out more about that in the past in the next season.

Okay, now i need to make a post about episode 201, which i also saw on sunday :)

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