DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Yay! I had a new shower head when i got home thursday night! And a new knob since the old one was a little broken. The new shower head isn't quite as good as the old one, it doesn't have any holes in the center, just a ring around the outside, but it's much better than nothing :)

On the negative side i was almost late to work yesterday morning, actually technically i was late since the 10:30 morning meeting had started without me, but i made it in before it finished, which since the meetings are normally less than five minutes is a pretty small target to aim for. I was heading downstairs when the oh so helpful church next door was reminding me it was 10:00, and it was about 10:02 at the point i'd gotten my car out of the garage. That made it not an impossible task to get to work on time but a somewhat difficult one. However traffic was light enough that i was able to maneuver around a lot of it and i was getting off the freeway at work with two or three minutes to spare. Then i got to the intersection right off the freeway where i make a left turn and there was a long line of cars there. That wasn't moving. During the green light. Cause there was an ambulance going through the intersection. But i had a couple spare minutes, that was okay, and on the _next_ cycle of the light i was able to go through. I pulled into the garage at work... and was right behind a van or large car or something that was sloooowly going up through the garage at about 2 mph. There was a parallel spot at the end of the row on the second floor which i tried to park in just cause it seemed like it would be faster if i could get it to work, but after inching back and forth two or three times i decided it wasn't going to work. After inching back and forth a couple more times to get myself out of the spot i started going back up the ramp and ran into the slow guy again the next level up, still inching his way along. Luckily he was just emerging out onto the top floor where there were plenty of spaces available so i was able to grab a spot there immediately without waiting for him to work his way up around any more =P By the time i made it up to the office the two or three minutes to spare i'd had getting off the freeway had transmuted into one minute in the negative =P
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