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Three more episodes left, how are they going to wrap up any of this in a reasonable amount of time?

Heroes Ep 19 Spoilers:

Ep 19:

Ha, Linderman can heal other people. Wonder if he can bring people back from the dead? :) What did Isaac do with her body anyways? Or did it get cleaned up by the agency?

How did Matt get stuck in a cell? This telepathic tag team thing is cool though.

Damn Peter, how did you get caught out by such an obvious "trick"? =P

Okay, Sylar is unconscious again! Kill him now!

So does Peter's mom have a power?

...I guess she does. Well now we know how the connection between Linderman and the Patrelli's got started.

Suresh! You idiot!!! You could have killed him!

Oh crap, don't say "I'll die before..." right when the men in suits how up DL =P

So presumably Peter is only still dead cause he's still got the glass shard stuck in his head?

So did saving the cheerleader save the world because of something Claire needs to do? Or only because it means Sylar doesn't have her power?

Ahhh, so Linderman _is_ in charge of the agency! Ha! :)

Poor Isaac :( Poor stupid Isaac :(

You know, even if Isaac was still alive, it seems rather unlikely he'd still be living in the same building in the bombed out ruins of New York five years later.

Ep 20:

Peter has a girlfriend in the future?

Jessica? Not _the_ Jessica?!? What the hell!

So there was a war between two factions of specials and either Sylar or the agency's faction won? (Or both) Wait, Sylar's dead? If he wasn't killed on the day of the bomb, then when and how? Or was he killed by exploding?

Hey! Peter does have a scar! When will that happen?

And Peter's brother is on the bad side? Well, i guess that makes sense. He did become congressman/president under the auspices of Linderman.

Awww, and Suresh is one of the bad guys too? :(

So the US is like Nazi Germany.

And Mr. Bennet has turned into one of the good guys. Oh the irony.

Molly Walker? Who is she?

So does this time line have to sacrifice itself to create the new future? Or will they be left behind in the bad future?

Er, but Claire is alive in this time line, so how did Sylar not die when he got stabbed? Is this some fucked up hybrid time line or is there something Hiro doesn't know?

Future Hiro and future Peter both rock :)

So Matt killed his wife? ...ex-wife? What the hell happened to him?

How did Candice allow Peter's brother to become president... oh crap!

How has Matt not figured out who the president is?

So does Suresh inject the Haitian instead of Hiro?

Ha!! I win! :)
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