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I stopped by the bookstore this morning and picked up "Empire of Ivory" and "Wasteland of Flint."

Those two books really sound like they ought to be part of the same series, but they're not even by the same author. The first one is the new Temeraire book by Naomi Novik that just came out in the US yesterday, and the reason why i was going to the bookstore in the first place. For anyone who hasn't heard me raving about them before they're a kind of alternate history of the Napoleonic wars on an Earth where intelligent dragons evolved along with humans and have been bred into various types for use in aerial combat. You could kind of think of them as a combination of the Horatio Hornblower or Aubrey–Maturin books (at least at first) and Anne McCaffrey's Dragonrider books, but without the psychic bits or teleportation.

"Wasteland of Flint" is a book that was recommended by someone on a mailing list i'm on. From what i gather it's interstellar sci-fi based on an alternate history where a fusion Aztec/Japanese culture was the dominant Earth culture when space colonization started. I believe the POD was that the Divine Wind never happened and the Japanese fleet fled with the emperor from the Mongol invasion and ended up crossing the Pacific and taking refuge in the Americas.

I also tried to pick up the last two(?) books in the Honor Harrington series while i was there, but they didn't have them =P

In other book related news, akiko posted a link about "The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990–2000." It's rather surprising some of the books people have had issues with.
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