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Heroes Ep 18 Spoilers:

Well, they've certainly changed the future now, though not in a good way :( Well, unless they find someone capable of bringing _other_ people back from the dead.

Oh good, the Haitian didn't take _too_ much of Glasses Man's memory

Ahh, Peter's brother is trying to be an agent.

Hmmm, new agent girl is kinda cute. Still don't know what her power is. Don't think she's Internet Girl.

OMG! Suresh rocks!!!! I was like, wait, did he just hand Sylar a drink and not drink from his own? I wonder if... yes!!!

Oh yeah, why did Claire get so pissed at her biological dad when her biological mom had been lying to both of them?

Ok, i guess new agency girl can change shapes. And has a rather evil sense of humor.

Tuning fork torture! Suresh for the win! Yes! Kill him! Oh god, no, don't listen to him! Fuck!

Isn't Peter's brother going to get in trouble for vouching for the guy who's about to steal the sword?

WTF?!? Why didn't he just grab the sword?!? Now! Grab it now!

Awww, crap, Suresh finally tried to do the right thing but waited too long. Damn it! Run!

Damn, now Glasses Man is the one who's not doing a very good job on operational security =P

*sigh* and they were several steps ahead of him already, so it didn't really matter =P

Um, so how much fallout is there from a Radioactive-Man explosion that Hiro and Ando are breathing in now?

WTF!? Peter's mom!?!? She was the higher authority? How the hell does she know the Haitian? WTF!?!?!! Ok, that was a surprise.

Wow, and Linderman _isn't_ anyone we've seen before! Unless the old guy is just a front, but he seems a little too idiosyncratic to be a fake.

So what would have happened if he _had_ tried to shoot Linderman? Given that Linderman knows about the specials i wouldn't be at all surprised if it failed to work for some reason.

Suresh is still alive! Peter vs Sylar part 2!, in the next episode... crap! damn damn damn! Want to see how that works out! Really should go to bed now though =P
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