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The first episode of the new season was last night, but i was at the softball game so couldn't watch it, and besides i'm still not quite done with the first season yet. So i need to wrap that up and then watch the episode on NBC's website, hopefully sometime before next week's episode.

Things i forgot to mention in the last post

I want to be able to log onto the net with my brain! Wow, can you imagine if Peter (or Sylar! eep!) got ahold of both Internet Girl and Genius Girl's powers?

And oh yeah, about the point where Isaac insisted his ex keep the key to his place right after he was hiding the gun from her i knew something unfortunate was going to happen that would probably result in her getting shot =/

Ep 17:

Ahh, so Invisible Man used to work for the agency.

Wow, this is a real backstory episode.

Uh, crap, why is Hiro's dad involved in the agency??? So is Hiro's dad hiding him from the agency like Claire's dad is with her? Or once you get high enough in the agency is it no longer a concern?

So in the end are we going to find out that Linderman is in charge of the agency? It would be amusing if it turned out that Hiro's dad was actually Linderman.

Wow, the Haitian has been pretending to be mute for a really long time, but why?

And i'm confused about who the "higher authority" is in Clarie's life that the Haitian obeys.

You know, if we're to believe that the explosion in New York was Radioactive-Man's fault then perhaps it would have been better if they'd just let him blow up in Clarie's house rather than trying to save him. Of course maybe he would have gone full nuclear then, but maybe not.

Damn it Matt, you're standing right next to one of the higher ups in the organization, read _his_ bloody mind.

Dude! Am i confused, or is the new girl at the agency Internet Girl? If so why was she tipping off Radioactive-Man about the agency? Was it some kind of Byzantine plot by Glasses Man's superiors to get him in trouble and/or expose Claire? Given their positions it doesn't seem like that kind of maneuvering should be necessary. Maybe i'm just confused about who that girl is.

So how do they think they're going to turn Matt? Just offering to get his life straightened out and offering him a little security and the chance to be important? That would drive pretty much straight at his motivations. But at heart is he better person than that?

So did the Haitian agree to Clarie's dad turning him in to protect her?

I guess so. Well i think the glasses man managed at least a partial redemption at the "end." I hope the Haitian managed to erase the relevant portions of his memories about Clarie's power without erasing his knowledge that he loves her.
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