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Watched four episodes of Heroes last night, so here's the brief thoughts and questions:

Why did Peter think that the Invisible Man had practiced his skill a lot? And what tipped him off to the idea that he'd taught others? (And who were those others?)

So i was right to wonder about how long he could hold onto powers. So is the dreaming thing a manifestation of Isaac's power? Or did he run into the Indian Oracle Kid at some point? Or did he start out with one power of his own?

I'd previously figured that Sylar would sneer at Peter's power since he didn't get to keep the things he acquired. I wonder if this new development would change that? Or would Sylar's psyche require that he still find it inferior? He could argue that it takes Peter a lot longer to learn how to use the powers and it seems a bit more erratic, but the real psychological reason would be to maintain his view of himself as special and to support his justification in killing of all those people. He might even avoid trying to acquire the power because of that, even though it's clearly much more useful than it seemed before.

Peter does seem to be going a bit psychotic himself by the end of episode 16 though. Is that him overloading on too many powers? Is he picking up Invisible Man's personality traits? (Perhaps being invisible for long periods of time naturally leads to a feeling of disassociation from other people.) Somewhat justified rage at the possibility that Isaac might have been working with Glasses Man? Or is it just "normal" jealousy overcoming his good sense? If the later, that's the fucking lamest excuse for a jealous rage i've ever seen. He saw his quasi-girlfriend telling her ex that she believed in him and giving him a hug? WTF dude? Another possibility is after the taxi cab incident he said the key was remembering the people he'd gotten the power from. Perhaps using "Sylar's" TK involves taking on some of his insanity?

Oh, and i'm amused by the way they managed to avoid saying Glasses Man's first name when Sylar was talking to his wife about him :)

Sylar seems good at charming people initially, but is unable to restrain himself from talking too much after that. He also puts far too little faith in the intelligence of other people. If he'd been smart he would have waited to kill Hearing Lady until _after_ Suresh had done his tests and left. It's hard to tell how much Suresh is catching on or not at this point. I just hope when he does figure it out he doesn't exclaim in surprise and horror "You're Sylar!" directly to his face =P

Claire really needs to learn some things about operational security. I guess it's understandable that she doesn't know them since she's young and apparently hasn't read those kinds of books. But doing things like calling her mom from her own phone, especially a cell phone, when her father is presumably the one paying the bills is just dumb. Although i'm wondering why her dad thought that the wind chimes hanging in her window was suspicious. Was the Haitian stupid enough to give her a signal that he'd previously used with her dad at some point?

Speaking of operational security, was DL and Niki's kid smart enough to bugger the camera at the same time he was jinxing the ATMs? Because when accounting realizes that several thousand dollars are missing from one or more ATMs you know they're going to be looking into it.

And while we're on the subject of theft i'm not sure if it was a wise idea for Matt to take those diamonds. He might have gotten a little more credit from the department if he'd turned them in, and as evidenced by what happened with the ring already he's going to have a pretty painful time trying to fence $2 million worth of diamonds. It's sad that he wasn't able to protect the guy though. Not that him getting killed was a great loss to humanity, but having been successful at the job might have done a lot towards getting his life back on track. And he was doing such a good job except for the fact that he was up against someone with super-human strength =P

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