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More running commentary on the episodes, 90% of which probably won't make sense to anyone who isn't watching along with me :)

Ep 11:

Peter's having weird relevant dreams again. How's that happening?

Oh yeah, and how is it that the Haitian has the power immunity power and the brain wipe power?

Damn, they _are_ keeping Sylar locked up.

Hmm, they have a general ability nullifier for his cell?

Bene Gesserit girl thinks they ought to kill him, i like her :) But who are they getting their marching orders from?

"that Haitian" is mute?

So can DL phase out himself but not the bullet in him to remove it nice and easy?

Good, the police _did_ check the blood that was on Peter!

Haha! Telpathy orgy!!! Peter's power is such fun :) He really needs to get a little quicker on the uptake though.

Matt however still seems to be improving his skills and his analysis of his skills at a decent rate.

Niki seems to be wising up a little bit at least. Her kid isn't though =P

Hmmm, i'm not sure if Niki's kid was being dumb or if that was intended as a trap from the beginning,

I hope Clarie's dad isn't going to have anything done to Zack =/

An exploding man? Sounds like it is radioactive man (or Sylar with radioactive man) that is the problem.

Wow, he blanked his own son?!? Oh @#$! Zack is in trouble!

Wow, once she got her head a little straightened out Niki has a lots of guts, though i'm not sure turning herself into the police was the best thing to do.

Ha! The police can't remember the name of the "cheerleader's dad" either!!! :)

Oh no :( Poor claire, poor zack :(

Hiro and his friend are duly impressed by Isaac's future drawing appearance, which is understandable, but their reactions are amusing :)

Er, i thought the Haitian couldn't talk, unless Bene Gesserit was half-joking, or maybe he's been faking the whole time? And why is he disobeying Clarie's dad's orders? How does he know it's important for her to remember? And after all the ways her dad has acted rather uncharacteristically to protect her why does he want to brain wipe her now? Does he think she'll be safer that way? Or happier? Or what? Or is he concerned about what she might start to think about him if she starts putting the pieces together?

Hiro, upon seeing the picture of himself fighting off a dinosaur with a sword: "I really need to find that sword" Ha! :)

Oh crap, Bene Gesserit girl is going to try and kill Sylar. Without backup. Very noble of her. BUT TOTALLY FUCKING STUPID! I'm sure she's going to have to breach the containment of his cell in order to do it, and then... *headdesk*

Oh no! *cries*

*sigh* well it's not like i didn't see it coming, and at least she was smart and brave enough to kill herself. Well, maybe smarter than braver, but still, it must have taken a certain amount of bravery to overcome her instincts like that. But why didn't her Voice work? And why did his powers work? And why wouldn't shooting him have worked since they both apparently knew that?

Peter and his bro: "They're all like us!" "Dysfunctional?" *snort*

Oh no! It's Peter who absorbed the "get a brain aneurysm" power an d not Sylar! :)

Ok, how can Peter explode like Radioactive-Man when Radioactive-Man isn't nearby? Or was he visioning from Radioactive-Man's perspective? And why does he seem to have two power? Or does he actually _permanently_ absorb other people's powers and he just hasn't figure it out yet?

Ep 12:

Who's they guy with the beard in Peter's vision? Radioactive-Man?

Ha! Jessica has the entire police force cowed :)

the fuck? How did Sylar not actually escape??!?

Oh crap, is the SWAT team going to let Sylar out? Oh... good? they didn't find the place and Matt's career is even more fucked? Did he at least make the connection with the Haitian this time?

How does Hiro know which sword it is he's supposed to be looking for?

So what _is_ the wavey symbol thing anyways?

Ahhh, so Niki turning herself in at least cleared DL's name? Er, except that they don't seem to believe that she was the one who stole the money.

Wow, the Human Genome Project worked a lot better than most of us were aware :)

Okay, Matt's starting to lose it again. He needs to calm down again and be a _little_ more subtle.

So Hiro's having psychological issues and thinks a sword will fix it?

Wow, Linderman is into everything =P

I'm glad Claire isn't giving up on Zack so easily. But if they really didn't know each other at all however many weeks ago (except for perhaps some long ago childhood friendship) why did she decide on him to reveal her secret to in the first place?

If the glasses guy wants Suresh to work with him he really should have let slip a little more information, like at least mentioned Sylar.

So from the vision Radioactive-Man somehow forces his power on Peter and then runs the hell away?

Ah, the bearded person, or at least one of them, was invisible person, not Radioactive-Man! I wonder if that's a power that Sylar would want to steal? Might be a bit hard tracking him down though. Er... wait, how can _Peter_ see him? Unless Peter became invisible first from being near him and invisible people can see each other? Well, duh, clearly they can because Peter and the guy can see each other even though no one else can.

Okay, i'm tired, and i need to get up early tomorrow, so two episodes is enough for me tonight =P
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