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More Heroes thoughts and theorizing and rhetorical questions :)

Spider-Man got bitten by a radioactive spider to get his powers. Was the new crazy guy from the hospital bitten by some radioactive radiation? :)

So the Haitian guy and the Bene Gesserit girl have a pair of kick ass powers. We better hope Sylar doesn't get his hands on them =P

The Haitian (how do they know he's Haitian?) has the ability to cancel out powers, or at least make himself immune to them. We know that the bene gesserit Voice doesn't work on him and Matt can't hear his thoughts. His power also seems to protect the people around him. Would it stop a telekinetic force, or only a power that's directed immediately at him? Presumably something thrown with TK would keep moving even if his power canceled the propelling force when it got in range, but would a direct TK shove work? Or the freezing? I forget, was he the one there with the glasses guy when Peter's brother did his flying act to escape? That would seem to imply that he can't affect abilities inherit in others. Unless it's actually something he can aim and he just wasn't prepared then, which brings up the next question...

Either his range is pretty short or he has the ability to turn it on and off, or possibly direct it, since he was within a few seconds reach of Sylar when the Voice was used on him successfully. If it's not just _very_ short range, is it on all the time unless he wills it off? Can he will it off for one person but not another?

And how did his power first manifest? How did anyone notice he had it so he could get recruited by the agency? Speaking of which the method of identifying people with powers seems a bit whacked. The professor guy created a program that can determine who is likely to have powers based on....? Somehow i doubt all these people (plus the hundreds or thousands of times as many normals) all submitted DNA samples.

So what happens if Sylar does try to absorb the power? It would be wonderfully ironic if it was more of a cancellation power than an immunity power and it ended up short-circuiting everything else he had :) More likely though it would just make him even more unstoppable.

Worst case scenario, he gets that, plus the Voice, plus regeneration. "I can kill you from 30 yards away just by looking at you. In defense I can put up TK shields to protect myself from physical attacks you can't do anything psychic to me at all, and even if you do manage to kill me i'll just come back from the dead in a minute or two unless you have time to give me a lobotomy. And while you're trying to figure out your way around that little conundrum you have to do whatever I say." Fun! =P

But speaking of combo power he's killed what... at least 8 people so far? What has he accumulated besides TK, freezing and being really smart?

Peter has the most interesting power in its versatility. (Well, discounting Sylar of course.) How long does the copied power last? Clearly a little while, he drew the picture of himself levitating after he left Issac's place, and he was still healing after Claire left to get the police. He's got the perfect opportunity to test that now i suppose since the regeneration is completely automatic, if he's not having so much trouble dealing with the police that he can't think of anything else anyways. He can just give himself a papercut ever five or ten minutes and see how long it takes before they stop healing. And can he copy more than one power at once?

So is the Haitian's power immunity power immune to being copied by Peter's power copying power? :)

What happens if two people with the Voice try to use it on each other? If it were a skill that you had to learn i'd guess that the process of learning it would give you at least a little immunity, but that's not the case here. Would it just be whoever started talking first, or started talking more effectively first?

This isn't likely given the necessary steps, but what would happen if Peter temporarily copied Sylar's power stealing ability and used it to steal someone else's power? Would he keep the new power permanently? Or would the stolen power wear off whenever the copied power did?

Now what if he copied Sylar's power and used it to steal Sylar's powers?

And this isn't _actually_ as far fetched as it might seem. We (or at least I =) don't know the exact mechanism for Sylar copying powers (yet) except that it involves cutting open peoples heads and scooping their brains out.

However... Sylar is clearly nuts. What if that's only necessary cause he thinks it is? And remember that Issac needs drugs to get his power to work, but both times when Peter copied his power he didn't need drugs to get it to work. What if all Sylar's power really needs is to kill the person whose power you're trying to steal? So if Peter ends up being the person to finally put Sylar down...

I doubt they'll actually end up doing that, but it would be interesting :)

Oh, and what is the nuclear bomb about anyways? Something Sylar plants? Radioactive man going hyperactive? Sylar absorbing radioactive man's powers and then going hyperactive? Something completely out of left field that they need to deal with once Sylar is gone?

Oh, and last and least, how did Peter get into that dying guy's dream? Perhaps in the dream world everyone is "close" to each other so he was able to copy the oracle kid's powers while asleep? :) Of course he also had that one dream about his brother, and that was while his brother was awake...
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