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Wow, you know, that girl is really cute... [five minutes later] awww crap =P

And i'm glad they've didn't try to draw out the psychotic girl's "secret." It was pretty damn obvious as soon as they set up the last clue.

And it's still not clear if the glasses guy is evil or good or something in between, so it's possible that cute girl can still be redeemed.

He clearly does have feelings for his daughter so he's at least not totally sociopathic. And he's had lots of opportunities to kill certain people but not taken them. As far as we've actually seen he seems interested in gathering information and then releasing them back into the wild. Whatever else he is though he's certainly really damn manipulative. I actually didn't see the fake biological parents thing coming until the end. Right before the reveal i was expecting him to have his people swoop in to take them off for questioning or something.

So there are three possible bad guys so far, serial killer guy who is definitely evil, glasses guy who may or may not be, and psychotic girl, who so far _seems_ to at least restricted herself to criminals, but also seems to be quickly losing what grip she has left.

Speaking of which, they did do a very good job of making Mr. Kitty Pryde first a presence but an insignificant one, then briefly a potential threat, and now an at least somewhat likable guy.

Hiro and his sidekick seem like between them they _might_ have enough perspective and common sense for a single person. Future Hiro kicks ass though :)

Psychic guy seems to be wising up quickly, unfortunately not as quickly as the strength of his power is growing =/

And what exactly do they need to save the cheerleader _from_ if what she's been through hasn't killed her already? And wouldn't that be a daunting task if the rest of them just knew it? "This girl is at so much risk that even being immortal isn't good enough to save her ass, but you're expected to fix it."

Also, why does glasses guy have two pairs of glasses, one of which has a broken segment along the lower right-hand corner? I first noticed them during the scene at the hospital, and later he was playing with them while wearing another pair while cheerleader girl was talking to her "biological parents."

And an even better question, given that i got up early this morning why am i watching more Heroes rather than going into work? =P
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