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Blech, i've been horrible about getting anything productive lately. Emails, LJ posts, LJ comments, trying to set my computer up as a proxy, everything. Possibly in part because i've been busy doing stuff. I spent a lot of time driving on saturday, and we're in minor crunch mode at work so i spent 5 or 6 hours there on sunday, and little over 9 hours there both monday and today.

I left work slightly earlier than i'd originally been intending today and stopped by the Best Buy near work and got a copy of Heroes. I think i may watch an episode or two of that this evening rather than trying and failing to get anything useful done. (Although i wonder how it is that i can manage to find the energy to make short little LJ blurbs like this but not add even a little bit to the longer entries i've got on the back burner.)

While i was at Best Buy i also saw a copy of the "Engineering an Empire" DVDs. I was very happy when i found episodes of that on You Tube so i decided to grab a copy of that as well, but then i remembered that i had trouble coming up with birthday and christmas present ideas for my family the last go around so i put it back and am going to add them to my amazon wish list instead :)

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