DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Okay, the number of local people who could theoretically be interested has dropped, but still, it is once again time for Wumpskate!

*** Monday, September 10th

Holy shi... Can you believe we've been doing this for four years???!!?!

*ahem* Calling all Wumpsters to strap on those blades and skates and prepare to WEAR RED, cause this Monday, September 10th, WUMPSKATE is celebrating our 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! That means we expect everyone to come out and celebrate with pressies, cakes, balloons, and awesome tunes to rollerskate to by DJ Wednesday (Bar Sinister, Violaine) and DJ Xian (Malediction Society, Disko.Nekro). This month we're playing homage to our namesake and playing a disturbing dosage of WUMPSCUT ALL NIGHT LONG along with DARKWAVE, INDUSTRIAL, EBM, SYNTHPOP, GOTH, POS! T-PUNK, DEATHROCK, ELECTRO, 80's, DARK INDIE and much, much more!!

Don't forget to bring a healthy appetite, cause Doomie's Tacos will fluff your tummies along with the WUMP BOOTH with its free snacks, $1 drinks, and birthday cake!!! The World on Wheels is equipped with a huge wooden skating rink, an inner play rink for learning and dancing, video games, seating and rest areas, free skate rentals, personal storage lockers, a smoking patio, and a huge and FREE parking lot!

See you there!!!

Every 2nd Monday of the Month
9PM-1AM · ALL AGES · $6 Entry (skate rental is free)
World On Wheels @ 4645 1/2 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles 90019
(Between Crenshaw & La Brea, behind Bank of America)

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