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That's cool. If you bring your own bag into TJs they give you a raffle ticket for a weekly $25 gift certificate drawing or something like that. That's probably a more effective draw than giving you a refund of the price of the paper bag. Hmm, if the bags cost 5 cents each (WAG) they'd need to get people to use their own bags 500 times to make it profitable. I wonder how wide an area it's over? I don't remember if it was just that store, all of Redondo, or what.

I am sad though, my local TJ doesn't have the strawberry Luna bars anymore, though the one near work does, and the one near home still has the blueberry ones which i actually like better. And neither Vons nor Albertsons seems to carry Jergens bar soap anymore =/

Also i left work early on tuesday so i could listen to KSPC's video game show. I got to hear about a quarter of it on the way home and then an hour after i got home, but it turns out that after this week they're rescheduling it to 2-4 on Tuesdays. I don't think there's any way i can justify heading home from work _that_ early :(

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