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Oh cool, wikipedia has an article onthe 50 State Quarters complete with pictures! So per the lunch discussion yesterday, yes the Washington quarter has a salmon and Mt. Rainier. I'm still annoyed that it doesn't have the Space Needle on it, stupid eastern washington! Missouri and New York got to have their famous buildings on theirs! Well it could be worse i suppose. At least i'm not from a state where the best thing they could come up with was "Some famous people were born here and then went elsewhere to do whatever made them famous." Of course then there's New Hampshire. I might feel sorry for them if i thought the image on their quarter looked like anything other than a misshapen lump, as it is i kind of want to snerk at their misfortune.

Really the only one that jumps out at me on first glance as "hey, that's pretty cool" is New Mexico's.

Since i'm being silly and curious and OCD i counted up some various statistics about the coins. Presuming my counting skills are accurate,

Quarters With:

--live animals (other than humans) on them: 18 (4 with horses, 2 with bison, 1 cow, 1 with oxen, 2 salmon, 1 bear, 8 with various kinds of (presumably state) birds)

--dead animals on them: 1 (Ewww. Bison skulls may make good props for westerns and such, but i'm don't really think i'd like to put one forward as the symbol of my state =P)

--various plants on them: 18 (Not gonna bother listing these all out, though Mississippi having nothing but two flowers on it is a bit odd. Don't they have some more memorable history they could have used instead? I don't know, something involving steamboats and such perhaps? In general i tried to only count plants that were in the foreground, and not scattered grass/trees/whatever populating the background)

--people on them: 15 (8 with "famous" people, 3 with totally generic people, 4 with statues or some other idealized form of people.)

--the outline of the state: 15

--a building of some kind: 9 (5 with "normal" buildings, 2 bridges, 2 monuments (Statue of Liberty and St. Louis Arch))

--a landmark of some kind: 9 (I tried to limit it to ones with a named landmark rather than just having some terrain in the background. Included Rushmore here rather than as a monument)

--a vehicle on it: 10 (2 airplanes, 1 spaceship, 1 car, 1 train (well, 2 trains on 1 coin =) and 6 with boats in various kinds and numbers)

--a musical instrument on it: 2

--featuring water in some way: 12 (I counted Michigan and Montana but not Hawaii, based on what was being enclosed by what and how the coin was described. Florida's galleon appears to be doing a valiant job of floating on absolutely nothing.)

--featuring the sun in some way: 4 (Including New Mexico's cool sun symbol.)

For leftovers we've got some cheese, a diamond, some rope, some stars in various shapes and sizes, a covered wagon, a keystone, and a golden spike. Plus a whole lotta various slogans and mottos of course.
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