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One of my morning alarms is a clock radio. If i sleep through the beepy alarms the radio alarm will sometimes do a better job of waking me up gradually, which isn't really the way i prefer to wake up, but it's better than sleeping through all my alarms completely. Unfortunately most of the radio stations that play (some of) the kind(s) of music i like also have stupid morning talk show segments during the time i'm normally waking up. Most of the time they talk about stupid crap that i couldn't care less about, except in the kind of horrified watching a train wreck of good taste kind of way. But there is the occasional gem of information that i'm happy to hear about, such as Alberto Gonzales announcing his resignation! Yay!!!!!!

Of course i'd have been happier if he'd actually gotten convicted of a crime, but that happens all too rarely with highly placed politicians, "resigned under a cloud of controversy" is about the best we can normally hope for =/

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